Twitter Conversation Starters

Twitter for Business: 9 DM Conversation Starters You Need To Avoid

Do you use Twitter for business? Does it bring you results you are hoping for? Lots of people these days are considering the use of Twitter and it’s ability to convert followers into customers.  The main issue that comes up very often is that business owners don’t believe Twitter helps their business as good as Facebook or Pinterest.  They support their claims by showing us Read More →

Social Media Explained by Bruce Lee: 5 Tactics for Business

Social Media Explained: 5 Business Tips from Bruce Lee

  Social media is the new saviour.  Or at least this is what most people think about it.  It is until a business owner starts using it with the initial intent to gather massive amounts of customers with it’s help. Finally the reality sets in. He wants social media explained to him. But with the massive amounts of information out there, it’s a real challenge Read More →

4 Amazing Twitter Tools That Beat Peanut Butter on Pancakes | @DigyTouch

4 Best Twitter Tools That Beat Peanut Butter on Pancakes

In the beginning there was nothing. And then 4 guys said “Let there be Twttr!” And there was Twitter. There was still nothing, but the idea of quick and short communication was born.  People fell in love with the concept, but back in 2006 the idea itself was still very raw. Business world, with tech savvy marketers at front, needed more time to digest, understand Read More →

13 Clever Ways To Boost Productivity | DigyTouch

13 Clever Ways To Boost Your Work Productivity

Do you understand how to measure and boost productivity levels and see if you’re managing your time well? Do you know how to make sure you’re keeping your productivity fire burning while you work on achieving your business goals? Are you involved in social selling activities and need some extra social media productivity ideas? In this article I’ll share with you 13 ways to be more Read More →

Get More Twitter Followers

6 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Get More Twitter Followers

Are you wondering how to get more followers on Twitter? Do you want to find and connect with people that will care about you and your brand? Twitter offers great networking opportunities that set the stage for future partnerships and better business results. In this article I’ll share 6 things you need to stop doing to get more Twitter followers and cultivate greater relationships.  #1: Connecting Read More →

social media roi

The Social Media ROI and Why You Shouldn’t Worry So Much

  As you probably know business owners and marketers became obsessed with the ROI lately. Return on Investment has become the main topic discussed in the boardrooms, offices and coffe shops. I assume it’s also one of your main concerns if you run a business, startup, or you’re a marketer who needs to communicate social media ROI to your clients. When people come to me Read More →

Facebook Social Media Marketing

Is Facebook Trying To Kill Your Brand’s Social Media Marketing?

Do you want to know the most ridiculous reason why we’re all still on Facebook?  Because everybody else hang out there… I know… It sounds silly but that’s the truth. Facebook with its 1,3 Billion active users crashes the competition. It’s the biggest, the baddest, the maddest, the spammiest and… least understood social platform from all.   I’m not sure if it’s still “social” enough Read More →


Why It’s Easier To Market Your Business To A Goldfish Than It Is To Humans

Do you know how much time you have to capture people’s attention? How to make sure they listen to you? Have you been wondering why your traffic is not converting so well into loyal subscribers or customers? We all asked these questions at some point. And here’s an answer that we all have been waiting for.  A research conducted in January 2014 shows that the Read More →


7 Steps To Writing an Irresistible Brand Story That Customers Love

I’ve never really believed in ready-to-use formulas and certain amount of steps that you need to take in order to find passion, be better at what you do, love more, be more, create more, etc. I was the kind of a guy who followed the common rules and directions created by people who’ve made it businesswise. They were my heroes, I’ve put everything at stake, Read More →

Kids Playing - DigyTouch

What Question Your Competition Forget To Ask, But You Should

  Do you remember sweet craziness around Lego brand and their products? Kids playing with the bricks, adults having a simple choice while looking for a christmas gifts. Everything was perfect for Lego. But was it really? In the early 2000s they faced the possibility of going bankrupt. They were going up against firm competition from Mattel and Hasbro and in 2004 had debts nearing Read More →

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